Soul Cannon

Baltimore Hip-Hop Destruction, with MC Eze Jackson, drummer Charles Wilson, keyboardist Jon Birkholz, and guitarist Matt Frazão.

New Album and music video release in fall of 2018!


“Winner of the City Paper’s Best Live Band award, Soul Cannon proved that they earned their title. Considering the wave of amazing artists inundating the city that was no easy task, but Soul Cannon shows us why they won every time they hit the stage."– whatweekly.com

“At once pure jazz-tinged indie rock and political hip hop...killer rhythm section alternates between..backbeat-laden hip hop and Sonic Youth-esque noise.”    – transformonline.com


Matt Frazão Quartet

A new Quartet playing original compositions by Matt, featuring Charles Wilson on drums, Jon Birkholz on keyboard, and Salem Kamalu on keyboard. Their first album was recently recorded at Ben Frock's Heartwood Studios, and is being mixed right now. It is intended to be available in late 2018.



Quartet Offensive


Like Baltimore, Quartet Offensive is a band bursting with musical innovation, experimentation and character, whose music exists between the cracks of jazz, rock and the avant-garde. It is a band whose unique style freely crosses genre boundaries, and one that succeeds in presenting an honest musical vision, due in large part to their firm roots in improvisational performance. Originally a quartet of John Dierker (bass clarinet), Adam Hopkins (bass), Nathan Ellman-Bell (drums), and Matt Frazão (guitar), QO later added Eric Trudel (saxophone). Quartet Offensive has drawn both local and national attention, having been featured on NPR’s “The Signal,” as well as being hailed as “a lineup of musicians nothing short of virtuosic..First-class improvisation. A mix of time-tested Baltimore weirdness paired with wet-behind-the-ears energy.” (Baltimore City Paper)..  They released one album, "Carnivore" which was well reviewed and was named one of the top experimental jazz releases of the year by The Village Voice in 2009.




"Baltimore based instrumental "power trio" (i.e. the classic late 20th century configuration of guitar, bass, and drums), that specializes in the juxtaposition, combination, permutation, and complete obliteration of the dichotomy between intricately composed material and various improvisational strategies, as well as small-minded, arcane, and obsolete musical concepts such as 'stylistic purity'.  What does this mean?  Almost all of the music will never sound the same twice, even though each composition still retains it's own individual stamp, form, and direction.  One could call this a process of 'living in the moment', and/or 'learning to deal with memory deprivation'.

Emphasis is placed on organic real-time structural/timbral development, which is achieved through the various uses of live electronics, in combination with a personal vocabulary of various 'extended instrumental techiniques.'  As a result, the overall sonic spectrum is quite large and extremely unpredictable, especially for a basic 'rock & roll' trio.  Imagine, if you will, a couple of disenchanted 'jazz' and 'classical' musicians pretending to be 'electronic hardcore punk rock' musicians, which are then, once again, posing as jazz musicians...and there you have it ladies and gentlemen...a musical equivalent for the racial identity crisis of Michael Jackson!  Dig it!"  

(-Evan Lipson 2/9/04) 

Matt Frazão: Guitar & elec
Devin Gray: Drums & perc
Evan Lipson: Electric bass