Matt Frazão is a Composer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Teacher living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has performed or recorded with many world class musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Marin Alsop, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Michael Formanek, Tarus Mateen, Ursula Rucker (of The Roots), Sean Jones, Andrew D'Angelo, Dave Ballou, Lafayette Gilchrist, Susan Alcorn, and others.  He has written original music for short films, commercials, promotional videos, and multiple original album releases for several different groups and projects. 

His unique and creative approach to making music allows him to be just as comfortable composing within traditional styles and genres as he is when digging into the blurry areas in between and outside of musical traditions. This adaptability facilitates an original musical voice that is adaptable to a wide variety of settings while retaining it's listenability through a highly developed sense of playfulness, subtlety, and emotional depth.